About Anna Hoeve

About Anna Hoeve

Anna Hoeve Horses is the horse farm of the Knoops family. Their core activities are the breeding, rearing, training, and trading of sport horses. In recent years the emphasis at Anna Hoeve has shifted to the export of high-quality sport horses to Canada and the USA.

Anna Hoeve Horses has more than a century of experience in the horse industry. The Anna Hoeve farm in Lierop, the Netherlands, was built in 1961 and is named after the wife of Martien Knoops, father of the current owner Leon Knoops.

In 1961 the horses were moved to the Anna Hoeve farm. Just like the farm, the horses have always been an important part of the activities at Anna Hoeve. In 1981, Leon Knoops took over from his father at the helm of the family business. While Leon converted the farm into large, independent agricultural businesses, the rearing of horses remained a special focus area for the Knoops family.

Since 2008, Leon’s children have taken over the running of the agricultural businesses, freeing Leon to dedicate more of his time to his passion: to further develop equine husbandry at Anna Hoeve. This became an independent component of the business holding of the Knoops family and retained the name of the buildings where it all once started in 1961: Anna Hoeve Horses.

These days, Anna Hoeve has a stock of about 50 horses, of which approximately 30 are riding horses. We have been working together with partners in Canada and the USA for several years. Anna Hoeve Horses purchases horses in Europe which are trained and schooled and then exported to Canada and the USA. Through years of experience and cooperation we know exactly what our clients are looking for.

Anna Hoeve Horses is exceptionally critical when purchasing horses. We travel across the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany to find the perfect horses. Before the horses are purchased by Anna Hoeve Horses, they have undergone an extensive clinical and X-ray examination. They are then trained by us until we believe that they are ready for sale. We have horses of different levels, from young horses that have just been saddle-trained, also from our own breeding farm, to horses that perform at the 145 cm level.

Horse: Gerry Butler

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